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Welcome to Stockholm

Preamble :An open city for different perspectives and new ideas. A vibrant destination where innovations in music, design, fashion and technology are born. A place for you.

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Coronavirus: Information for visitors

Why becoming a parent in Stockholm is like starting a business

Stockholm is known for being one of the world’s most successful startup hubs and it’s also one of the best places to start a family, for many of the same reasons! When you think about it, having a baby is much like launching a startup -- it’s a high-risk, all-consuming, lifelong project: formation stage, scaling and exit.

A diversity in great cuisine

Swedish cuisine might be best known for its meatballs and pickled herring, but in recent years Stockholm has made huge gastronomic leaps. Here you'll find award-winning chefs and restaurants serving fresh local ingredients and leading the way in food sustainability.